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'Don’t wait to see if something better might come up – be a bold human being and just pick a date and show up!' as one guest of 'N' put it.

And when was the last time you looked at another person, a stranger, like, really? Eye to eye, face to face. ‘You’re here, like me, in this world. Let’s converse?’

16N. 'N' came into concept at a small cafe in a waking Phnom Penh with one sizzling question: 'What if we could design great space for fantastic dialogue? With new and different others? But briefly, and once. What if we could really make it happen? With 16 people. Two to the eighth. What if N was a vector? If 16 vectors cross, just once, that's a moment, right? What if we could frame that moment, and celebrate, then, the urgency of now? Of real life, of right here, right where we are.'